iC-WKN    N-Type CW Laser Diode Driver, Optimized for N-Type Laser Diodes

  • Laser diode modules
  • Laser diode pointers
  • Pilot lasers
  • Laser levels
  • Barcode readers
  • Distance measuring sensors
  • CW operation up to 300 mA from 2.4 to 15 V supply voltage
  • Rapid soft start after power-on typical within 70 µs
  • Simple power adjustment via an external resistor
  • Control loop accuracy better than 1.5% with changes in temperature, supply voltage and load current
  • Integrated reverse polarity protection for the iC and laser diode
  • Strong suppression of transients with very small external capacitors; integrated flyback path
  • Permanent shutdown with excessive temperature and overcurrent (i.e. if the laser diode is damaged or the feedback current path fails)
  • Two feedback inputs permit all current LD types to be used (M/P/N configurations)
  • Modulation via the feedback inputs is possible
  • Wide monitor current range from 2.5 µA to 6.25 mA
  • Pin compatible to iC-WK and iC-WKL
N-Type CW Laser Diode Driver, Optimized for N-Type Laser Diodes
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