iC-PI    Programmable 12-Bit Sin/Cos Interpolation IC with RS422 Driver

  • Optical and magnetic position sensors
  • Linear scales
  • High-resolution angle sensing
  • Latency-free sine-to-digital conversion with up to 4000/4096 angle steps
  • Input frequencies: 500 kHz (x10), 80 kHz (x100), 8 kHz (x1000)
  • Flexible pin assignment using signal path multiplexers
  • PGA inputs for differential and single-ended signals
  • Variable input resistance for current/voltage conversion
  • Signal conditioning for offset, amplitude, and phase
  • Controlled 50 mA current source for LED or MR sensor supply
  • Fault-tolerant RS422 output via adjustable drivers (up to 50 mA)
  • Glitch-free due to guaranteed minimum edge distance
  • Zero signal conditioning and electronic index pulse generation
  • Output of motor commutation signals: UVW with 1 to 8 cycles
  • Signal and operation monitoring with a configurable alarm output, output shutdown and error storage
  • I2C multi-master interface for configuration from ext. EEPROM
  • I2C slave interface for in-circuit calibration and position data
  • Adjustable over-temperature alarm and shutdown
  • Supply from 4.3 to 5.5 V, operation from -40 to +100 °C
  • Reverse-polarity-proof, including the sub-system
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