iC-OG    8-Bit Differential Scanning Optical Encoder with LED Control

  • Optical position decoding using the principle of differential scanning
  • Incremental and absolute encoders with a resolution of up to 8 bits
  • Excellent matching and reliability
  • Differential scanning eliminates dark current effects (half-track width: 300 ┬Ám)
  • Comparators with precise photocurrent related hysteresis
  • Short-circuit-proof, CMOS-/LSTTL-compatible outputs
  • Additional analog push-pull outputs
  • Adjustable 80 mA LED current control for constant photosensor currents
  • Control monitoring with alarm output
  • Single 5 V supply operation, low power consumption
  • Options: extended temperature range, customized COB and reticle assembly
8-Bit Differential Scanning Optical Encoder with LED Control
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