iC-NK    Light-Grid Pulse Receiver

  • Light curtains
  • Light barriers
  • Electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE)
  • Photoelectric amplifier with integrated bandpass
  • Processing of light pulses up to 1MHz
  • Differential current-signal output with open drain low-side drivers
  • Non-linear transfer function results in wide dynamic range of 0.3 μA to 1.8mA for pulsed photo currents
  • Fast recovery time of 0.5 μs within dynamic range
  • System function tolerant versus flash lights
  • 2-step shift register and control logic
  • Compatible to CMOS levels
  • Single 5 V supply
  • Low standby current; circuit activation by input data
  • Power-down reset
  • ESD protection
  • Option: extended temperature range of -20 to 85 °C
Light-Grid Pulse Receiver
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