iC-HX    3-Channel Differential Line Driver with Reduced Power Dissipation

  • Line drivers for 24 V control engineering
  • Linear scales and encoders
  • MR sensor systems
  • 6 current-limited and short-circuit-proof push-pull drivers
  • Differential 3-channel operation selectable
  • Integrated impedance adaption for 30 to 140 Ohm lines
  • Wide power supply range from 4 to 40 V
  • 200 mA output current (at VB = 24 V)
  • Low output saturation voltage (< 0.4 V at 30 mA)
  • Compatible with TIA/EIA standard RS-422
  • Tristate switching of outputs enables use in buses
  • Short switching times and high slew rates
  • Low static power dissipation
  • Dynamic power dissipation reduced with iC-xSwitch
  • Schmitt trigger inputs with pull-down resistors, TTL and CMOS compatible; voltage-proof up to 40 V
  • Thermal shutdown with hysteresis
  • Error message trigger input TNER
  • Open-drain error output NER, active low with excessive chip temperature and undervoltage at VCC or VB
  • Option: Extended temperature range from -40 to 125 °C
3-Channel Differential Line Driver with Reduced Power Dissipation
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