BL1U    BiSS Line-to-PC Adapter (USB)

  • BiSS Line application development
  • BiSS Line debugging
  • Flexible BiSS Line interface configuration
  • BiSS Line encoder calibration
  • Portable BiSS Line applications
  • Hardware implemented BiSS Line protocol
  • Supported interfaces: BiSS Line 2-wire and 4-wire
  • USB 2.0 high speed PC interface
  • API for Windows: BiSS interface DLL
  • Fast real-time data communication (12.5MHz BiSS Line)
  • Field capable design: box, field interfaces, USB powered
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Power supply for external applications:
    10 V supply with up to 80mA (USB powered),
    7 V . . . 12V supply with up to 420mA (externally powered)
BL1U - BiSS Line-to-PC Adapter (USB)
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