Single-Chip Magnetic and Optical Motor Encoder iCs - Product Selector

Magnetic EncodersProduct Selector
iC-MH8 12-Bit Angular Hall Encoder with Sin/Cos Outputs
iC-MHL200 12-Bit Linear / Rotary Position Hall Encoder
iC-MU Magnetic Off-Axis Absolute Position Encoder
iC-MU1C iC-MU Off-Axis Evaluation Tool -New-
iC-MHM / iC-PV 46-Bit Multiturn Encoder Evaluation Kit (PDF) -New-
Optical EncodersProduct Selector
iC-PT 6-Channel Phased Array Opto Encoder IC Series
iC-LNB 18-Bit Optical Absolute Encoder
White PapersBoost Performance in Motion Control Applications
Absolute Encoder Design: Magnetic or Optical?
High-Precision Sine/Cosine Interpolation -New-
Technical ArticlesIntegration Trends for BLDC-Motor
Optisch vs. Magnetisch (German)
iC-MHM Multiturn Configuration with iC-PV -New-
Ultra Low PoweriC-TW11 10-Bit Magnetic Single Chip Encoder with SPI -New-

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