iC-PZ Series    High-Resolution Optical Reflective Absolute Encoder - (new)

  • Low-height, absolute optical position encoder
  • Robotic and factory automation
  • Servo motor
  • Linear actuator
  • Reflective, compact, high-resolution, absolute encoder iC
  • iC-PZ2656 for reflective code discs (ø26 mm) and iC-PZ205 for linear scales (max. 6.71m)
  • Miniature oQFN32 5×5 package
  • Monolithic HD Phased Array with excellent signal matching
  • System-on-chip design with embedded blue LED for excellent reliability, EncoderBlue®
  • FlexCount® interpolation for arbitrary ABZ resolution
  • UVW commutation signals with 1 to 32 CPR, for motors of up to 32 pole pairs
  • LED power control for constant illumination (sine square or sum control)
  • Absolute singleturn resolution of 22 bits (ø26 mm) via built-in interpolation
  • On-chip automatic signal adjustment
  • Calibration and configuration storage via external I²C EEPROM
  • Digital BiSS, SSI, and SPI interfaces with CMOS I/O
  • Temperature detection and monitoring
  • 2.5, 3.3, and 5.0 V compatible I/O ports
  • Configurable analog outputs
  • Absolute data interface for connection of external multiturn sensors
  • Evaluation kit PZ1M and Mother board PZ1D available
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