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Chips for LEDs and LASERs 20.10.2009
Cooperation iC-Haus with Chips4Light.
Innovation through experience indicates the cooperation between iC-Haus and Dr. Wolfgang Huber, founder of the new LED and LASER design and support center "Chips4Light".

Dr. Huber is a recognized expert in LED and LASER applications after 12 years of experience at the customer interface for a world market leader in lighting.

"Now it is the right time to start up with LED and LASER systems " said Dr. Huber, who has located iC-Haus as an important partner for integration with microelectronic systems and opto-ICs.

iC-Haus specializes in ASSPs, ASiCs and micro-assemblies also for LED and LASER applications. The common goal is developing optical modules with LEDs and LASER diodes to meet specific customer requirements, but also for mainstream technologies, such as for sensors, position sensors, and general lighting.

A first product is currently qualifying and combines high current LEDs with 3A pulse driver iCs.

Dr. Heiner Flocke (iC-Haus) and Dr. Wolfgang Huber cooperating in LED and LASER applications

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