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25 years of iC-Haus 16.04.2009
In 2009 iC-Haus is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a whole range of innovations.
25 years of iC-Haus
In 2009 iC-Haus is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a whole range of innovations. Right from the start iC-Haus has stood for application-specific integrated circuits, developed to suit customer requirements and marketed through a worldwide network of "iC houses". The iC-Haus Group now includes design and applications centers and also sales partners for example in Germany, Spain, Italy, the USA, South America and China. Services and products manufactured in series, all distinguished by the "iC" hallmark of quality and representing a high degree of innovation and integration, are now offered close to and in the language of the client. At the concern's headquarters in Bodenheim, Germany, a staff of about 200 work in the design, wafer processing, assembly, test and qualification of integrated circuits and microsystems.

Figure 1: 25 years of iC-Haus in Bodenheim, Germany

iC-Haus is today a leading German manufacturer of mixed-signal iCs and micro-systems for industrial electronics, the automotive industry and consumer and medical technology. With a broad product portfolio in the base technologies of CMOS, BCD and Bipolar, customer applications can be developed for sophisticated system solutions which include optical and magnetic sensor iCs, interpolators, LED and laser diode drivers.

Figure 2: Application-specific iCs from iC-Haus

Throughout their anniversary year iC-Haus will be presenting a number of new products – some the result of research projects and collaborations – at the HMI, SMT, SENSOR, LASER and SPS-DRIVES fairs in Germany and in the USA, China, Japan and Brazil. The spectrum includes new magnetic and optical position and line image sensors, Vernier scanners, DriMix® 3D sensors, nsec laser drivers and iCs for industrial standards as well as for BiSS, I/O and safety applications.

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