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iC-HQ: Quad High-Performance OPAMP 11.05.2007
Ultra low offset (< 1 µV) and offset drift
HQ-Web-Motiv An offset of less than 1 µV at 3.5 MHz gain-bandwidth product qualifies this unity gain stable quad OPAMP as an ideal amplifier for signal conditioning and amplification, particularly in sensor applications with extremely high gain. Small input currents, very low 1/f noise and non-existence of the typical noise spectrum of auto-zero amplifiers make this OPAMP ideal for use in measuring amplifiers and audio applications.

This high-performance OPAMP is very impressive due to its extremely low offset temperature drift of only 0.01 µV/°C and excellent matching among all four OPAMPs.
Its open loop gain, power supply rejection ratio, common mode rejection ratio and load rejection are extremely high and add to the offset voltage only in the sub-µV range. A built-in test circuit allows the verification of the offset as part of the func-tional testing and quality assurance.
iC-HQ is powered from a 5 V single supply. Input common mode range goes down to 0 V. The 1 mA outputs operate rail-to-rail. The low supply current of 375 µA/OPAMP allows its use in battery operated devices.

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Zero Offset, Zero Drift Ziel oder Wirklichkeit? (Elektronik Praxis)
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