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iC-TW2: compact interpolator with integrated EEPROM 11.05.2007
Incremental encoder for motor commutation and way or angle measurement
TW2-Web-Motiv The new encoder device iC-TW2 is a highly integrated sine-to-digital converter which interpolates analog sine/cosine signals from magnetic and optical sensors with a freely selectable resolution of up to 8 Bit.

Due to the complete integration of all functions, the interpolator does not need any other external components, besides the sensor.

All functionalities are fully programmable.

The configuration EEPROM is already integrated into the iC-TW2 and available in a 4x4 mm small QFN-package.

The programmable instrumentation amplifiers with selectable gain and offset are for each channel individually configurable and permit differential and single-ended input signals.

The iC-TW2 inputs process high impedance signals, e.g. from magnetic sensor bridges. This permits also a direct connection of different magnetic sensor types.

Typical applications are:
  • Magnetic rotary encoder
  • Optical rotary encoder
  • Linear encoder
  • Motor commutation
  • DC motor encoder
  • Automotive applications:
    - Electronic Power Assisted Steering
    - Wheel sensor (electronic wedge brake)
    - Pedal sensor (brake by wire)
According to the application and noise environment the integrated filter can be pro-grammed to filter input noise.

To output the angular position there are 4 different output modes available:
  • A/B quadrature signals
  • Incremental (step/direction)
  • Incremental (up/down)
  • 3-phase motor commutation
The length and the offset of the index signal is programmable.

The device operates with a single power supply from +3.3 V to +5 V within the extended industrial temperature range from -40 up to +125 °C.

The device is configurable with an SPI compatible "2-wire" interface. The additional integrated "1-wire" interface can be used with a photo diode as an electrically isolated "in-field" programming interface.

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