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iC-LFL1402: Monolithically integrated 256-pixel CMOS line sensor 06.11.2006
With electronic shutter
The 256x1 CMOS line sensor iC-LFL1402 is functionally compatible with the 1402 standard (serial mode) and operates with a pixel clock pulse of up to 5 MHz. Thanks to monolithic integration the 200 µm pixels are arranged in a 63.5 µm grid (400 DPI) without gaps or distortion and are thus ideal for use in spectroscopy applications, for example. The integrated control logic needs only a start and clock signal to generate the light/voltage conversion at the analog output.

The range of possible applications is considerably extended by the inclusion of an electronic shutter. This permits the length of integration to be varied externally.

The analog output push-pull output enables a high readout clock rate and a wide signal dynamic range. Should the 5 MHz clock rate not be required, the power consumption of the IC can be reduced by an external bias current setting.

The device has a supply voltage of 5 V. In the optoBGA package there is an operating temperature range of -25 to +100 °C.
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