Laser Tools Webinar 19.04.2023
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Precise Measuring of Nanosecond Light Pulses with Laser Tools from iC-Haus

iC-Haus‘ portfolio offers a repertoire of laser driver iCs for short, high-energy laser pulses used in e.g. time-of-flight applications and other ultrafast laser systems. The pulse width is in the single-digit nanosecond range with currents up to the double-digit ampere range. For developments with these high-performance circuits, standard lab equipment is often insufficient since it cannot measure and display the laser pulses with their short rise and fall times with sufficient resolution and accuracy.

In this webinar, iC-Haus presents its optimized Laser Tools and measurement technology for those laser driver iCs. Developers will learn about the full potential of laser driver iCs and thus can perform measurements with their laser sources to reliably evaluate their suitability for their application. Evaluation boards ensure connectivity and access to the integrated circuits. They are based on highly optimized packaging and interconnection technology and provide suitable PCB layouts with low-inductance circuits to connect the laser diode and suitable cooling surfaces for heat dissipation. Simple plug-in pulse generators provide necessary LVDS control signals for the driver iC – with durations of nanoseconds and frequencies in the 100 MHz range.
The generated light pulses can be sensed by fast photodetectors and be displayed, measured and evaluated using an 11 GHz sampling oscilloscope.

Our expert speakers show the interaction of pulse generator, evaluation boards, photo detector and oscilloscope. Following this live demonstration, the measurements will be displayed and evaluated on the PC. In the subsequent Q&A session, our experts will answer individual questions from the auditorium.

Key Takeaways:
• Measuring of nanosecond light pulses
• Supply of short (ns) and high-frequency (MHz) electric pulses to driver iCs
• Simple access of full chip potential through optimized evaluation boards
• Learn about common errors when measuring nanosecond laser pulses and how to avoid them

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Expert Speaker:
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Expert Speaker:
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