Trade Show

LASER World of PHOTONICS 16.05.2023
Munich, Germany
June 27-30, 2023

Laser Tools from iC-Haus – Precise Measuring of Nanosecond Light Pulses

iC-Haus’ portfolio offers a repertoire of laser driver iCs for short, high-energy laser pulses used in e.g. time-of-flight applications and other ultrafast laser systems. Learn more about our high-performance tools for measuring nanosecond light pulses. more

iC-HS Series – Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Driver

The iC-HS Series enables the generation of ultra-short laser pulses reduced to a gain-switching spike of less than 100 ps with currents of up to either 200 mA (iC-HS02) or 500 mA (iC-HS05). more

iC-HG30 – 6-Channel High-Speed Laser Switch

The iC-HG30 is suitable for extremely fast control of laser diodes with short-pulses of down to only 2 ns. In addition to TOF 3D camera lighting, the laser drivers are ready for applications in robotics, LIDAR, AR & VR and more. more

iC-HN/HN3 – 1.4/2.8 A Miniature Driver iCs for Short-Pulse Lasers

The iC-HN device family is suitable for fast control of laser diodes with short pulses of down to only two nanoseconds. more

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