Trade Show

automatica 16.05.2023
Munich, Germany
June 27–30, 2023

Safety Encoders: iC-RZ + iC-MR3

The iC-RZ Series can be combined with its companion-chip iC-MR3 to form the ideal solution designed for high-resolution safety encoders up to SIL3 / PLe. more

iC-TW39 – 24-Bit Magnetic On-Axis Angle Sensor

The iC-Haus’ innovative on-axis TMR angle sensor iC-TW39 pushes magnetic end-of-shaft devices to their next performance level. Its design is suitable for incremental quadrature encoders of any pulse count, as well as for serial BiSS/SSI encoders providing absolute angle data. more

iC-PZ + iC-PVL – High-Resolution Optical-Reflective Absolute Encoder ICs

Join us at automatica 2023 and watch a live demonstration of the high-resolution optical-reflective absolute singleturn encoder IC iC-PZ that combined with the battery-buffered magnetic multiturn encoder IC iC-PVL can measure on-axis and off-axis multiturn information. more

iC-MU + iC-TW29

Combine the proven iC-MU Series’ magnetic off-axis position sensors with the iC-TW29 encoder signal processor and achieve outstanding system performance with up to 26-bit ST resolution. Don't miss our live demonstration at automatica 2023 to learn more about the benefits of this solution. more

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