Restructuring of
iC-Haus Management

iC-Haus appoints Dr. Alexander Flocke as further managing director alongside Dr. Heiner Flocke. Long-standing technical managing director Manfred Herz takes over the department “Advanced Technology Development” for tomorrow’s chip innovations.

Bodenheim, Germany, March, 2023: At the beginning of this year, iC-Haus GmbH undergone some changes in its management to ensure the lived continuity and a sustained growth with new products and markets in the future. With the “iC” as a trademark, the medium-sized iC-Haus GmbH with its 370 employees and its vertical range of manufacture at the Bodenheim site near Mainz has won a leading position as a manufacturer of application and customer-specific integrated circuits and microsystems for industrial, automotive and medical technology, represented worldwide.

As of January 01, 2023, long-standing technical managing director and co-partner Manfred Herz stands down as managing director. He takes over the Advanced Technology Development in close cooperation with the development department to provide creative solutions and circuit innovations for chip design.

Representing Dr. Heiner Flocke as majority owner and managing director with his sole power of representation is Dr. Alexander Flocke, who has been appointed further managing director of iC-Haus GmbH as of January 01, 2023. Together with an authorized signatory, he has decision-making power and act as deputy of Dr. Heiner Flocke. Alexander Flocke holds a PhD in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University. He has been working at iC-Haus since 2008, first in Chip Development and now in Applications and Sales. Henrik Liungman joined iC-Haus in 2019 in Sales. Responsible for commercial aspects, he serves as authorized signatory.

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