Webinar — World of Mini Encoder iCs 23.01.2023
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World of Mini Encoder iCs

Immerse yourself in the World of Mini Encoder iCs from iC-Haus. With the innovative reflective opto-encoder ICs iC-PG, iC-PX, iC-PR and iC-PZ, versatile applications of driver sensors can be realized – from simple coded rotary switches to advanced applications in the automotive, industrial and consumer sectors, such as robotics.

“World of Mini Encoder iCs” stands for maximum flexibility for special requirements in precise encoder sensor technology and enables even more compact sensor solutions. With practical demonstrations, we will show you ways to master your application tasks in position sensor technology with integrated sensor solutions from iC-Haus – and to do so faster, with less effort and without a plethora of components.

These encoder ICs are suitable for incremental and absolute encoder solutions with a resolution of up to 20 bits. The decisive advantage of the system-on-chip: due to the compact package integration of blue, lensless LEDs and sensors with state-of-the-art electronics and on-chip signal processing, the sensor packages are particularly small and flat. This makes them the ideal solution for more limited available space, for example in controlled small or micro drives. Furthermore, the encoder ICs offer large installation tolerances and simple installation. Due to not only the unique FlexCount® and FlexCode® on-chip functions for freely selectable resolutions and disk diameters (4 to 16 mm), the Mini Encoder iCs cover an unprecedented variety of state-of-the-art encoder applications as a universal iC-Haus sensor kit. Additionally, they meet the highest requirements on accuracy, signal processing and availability of modern digital interfaces for smooth integration and to achieve genuine added value through digital sensor data.

Key Takeaways:
• Overview of the “World of Mini Encoder iCs”
• Tips and tricks for application-specific selection of encoder ICs
• Adjustment and installation in selected application examples
• Watch a live demo

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