Trade Show

Hanover, Germany
April 17. - 21. 2023
Booth 9-H22

iC-TW39 – 24-Bit Magnetic On-Axis Angle Sensor

iC-Haus introduces its very new on-axis TMR angle sensor, the iC-TW39, pushing magnetic end-of-shaft devices to their next performance level. Its design is suitable for incremental quadrature encoders of any pulse count, as well as for serial BiSS/SSI encoders providing absolute angle data. more

iC-PVS – Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Absolute Position Hall Sensor

The new iC-PVS is a high-performance hall sensor used for absolute position sensing. BiSS, SPI, incremental as well as Sin/Cos (analog) interfaces allow operating the iC-PVS either as stand-alone encoder or in combination with a downstream interpolator such as iC-TW29. more

iC-MU Series

The iC-MU Series is a well-established solution for magnetic absolute position sensing. High-resolution combined with the off-axis scanning principle makes it an unbeatable solution for encoder applications. more

iC-TW11 – Ultra Low Power 10-Bit Hall Encoder

The iC-TW11 features lowest current consumption combined with 10 bit absolute singleturn resolution. With a current consumption of only 2.6 µA in typical operation and less than 100 nA in sleep mode, the iC-TW11 is ideal for battery-operated devices. more

iC-MHL Series – 12-Bit Linear/Rotary Position Hall Encoders

The iC-MHL Series is intended for off-axis or linear incremental position sensing applications. The sensor layout is designed for magnetic pole pitches of 2 or 1 mm. With integrated BiSS, ABZ and UVW interfaces, the iC-MHL Series is an excellent solution for motor feedback applications. more

World of Mini Encoder iCs

These innovative optical-reflective absolute encoder iCs from iC-Haus can be used to realize a wide range of applications – from simple coded rotary switches to robotics applications in industry and the consumer sector. more