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embedded world 2023 14.12.2022
March 14. – 16. 2023
Booth 3A, 243

iC-BL – Long Distance MCU Communication

The new BiSS Line bridge module with RS-485 transceiver from iC-Haus enables robust microcontroller communication over long distances of up to 100 m, requiring only one differential pair of wires. more

BiSS Line – Robust 2-Wire Data Transmission

With BiSS Line, power and data is modulated and transmitted over just two wires. A Forward Error Correction (FEC) ensures data availability in rough environments with interfering fields. more

iC-DX/iC-DXC – Universal Digital Sensor Output Drivers

Our proven iC-DX product family provides users with reverse polarity protected drivers. The output is configurable in high-side, low-side or push-pull mode, capable to switch up to 200 mA at 30 V. An additional supply pin with either 5V or 3.3 V delivering up to 10 mA makes them ideal for industrial sensor applications. more

iC-TW39 – 24-Bit Magnetic On-Axis Angle Sensor

iC-Haus’ innovative on-axis TMR angle sensor iC-TW39 pushes magnetic end-of-shaft devices to their next performance level. Its design is suitable for incremental quadrature encoders of any pulse count, as well as for serial BiSS/SSI encoders providing absolute angle data. more

iC-TW11 – Ultra Low Power 10-Bit Hall Encoder

The proven iC-TW11 features lowest current consumption combined with 10 bit absolute singleturn resolution. With a current consumption of only 2.6 µA in typical operation and less than 100 nA in sleep mode, iC-TW11 is ideal for battery-operated devices. more

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