Laser Drivers Webinar 2.0
October 2022
Webinar Series
October 06, 2022

Direct Time of Flight (ToF) Distance Measurement 2.0 with iC-HS

The new generation of laser drivers from iC-Haus targets various exciting fields of applications. Producing ultra-short gain-switching pulses makes iC-HS highly attractive for direct ToF distance measurement in particular.

In this webinar, Stefan Kraus and Uwe Malzahn will present a practical example and a live demonstration of a direct ToF application, using iC-HS. The key challenges with this type of application are picking the right components, finding the correct configuration, and properly evaluating the measurement results.

Key Takeaways:
• Design choices for a practical direct ToF setup
• Direct ToF key components overview
• Mastering the challenges of a direct ToF application

Watch iC-Haus’ webinar and learn more about ToF applications with a practical example using iC-HS.

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Expert Speaker:
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