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automatica 2022 04.03.2022
Munich June 21–24, 2022

iC-TW39 – 24-Bit Magnetic On-Axis Angle Sensor

The new iC-TW39 is a very compact TMR-based system-on-chip solution for 360-degree absolute angle sensing in end-of-shaft applications. more

iC-PVS – Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Absolute Position Hall Sensor

The new iC-PVS is a high-performance hall sensor used for absolute position sensing. BiSS, SPI, incremental as well as Sin/Cos (analog) interfaces allow operating the iC-PVS either as stand-alone encoder or in combination with a downstream interpolator such as iC-TW29. more

High-Resolution Optical-Reflective Absolute Encoder ICs

The proven iC-PZ Series from iC-Haus sets standards in flexibility and miniaturization. The advantages: FlexCode® for variable slice diameters, large mounting tolerances... more

iC-MU Series

The iC-MU Series is a well-established solution for magnetic absolute position sensing. High-resolution combined with the off-axis scanning principle makes it an unbeatable solution for encoder applications. more

iC-GFP – IO-Link Slave Transceiver

Ready for cutting-edge sensor technology & smart point-to-point communication: with this compact IO-Link slave transceiver iC from iC-Haus, you can easily integrate industrial sensor technology. more

automatica 2022
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