Encoder & Interface iCs Webinar March & April 2022 16.02.2022
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Next Generation High-Resolution Magnetic Angle Sensing
Utilizing TMR Technology

Magnetic encoder solutions are especially in demand when reliable functionality under harsh operating conditions is a priority. The systems are largely insensitive to contamination, easy to implement, and compact, especially in end-of-shaft applications. In these applications, Hall encoder ICs are typically used to scan a diametrical magnet yielding low to medium position resolutions and precision. When it comes to higher performance requirements, the use of XMR technologies can enable real breakthroughs if potential weak points compared to Hall technology are recognized and addressed.

Now, iC-Haus introduces its very new on-axis TMR angle sensor, the iC-TW39, pushing magnetic end-of-shaft devices to their next performance level. Its design is suitable for incremental quadrature encoders of any pulse count, as well as for serial BiSS/SSI encoders providing absolute angle data, optionally with revolution count. Due to a fully automatic error correction, the full device’s performance is available over the product lifetime.

Join iC-Haus' upcoming webinar to learn more about next-generation magnetic angle sensors.

Key Takeaways:
• Get to know the differences between end-of-shaft XMR and Hall angle sensors
• Get motivated why using TMR sensors when concerning ultimate precision
• Get introduced to the new iC-TW39 angle sensor and its extensive features
• View a live demonstration of iC-TW39 performance

Watch iC-Haus’ webinar to explore new opportunities for your next designs.

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Robust Power & Data Transmission
Using One-Cable Technology BiSS Line

With the BiSS interface, iC-Haus introduced a powerful protocol suitable for high-speed, robust, and cyclic data transmission. Intended for motor feedback applications, BiSS C has become a well-established standard for industrial communications between sensors and control units.

Now iC-Haus presents BiSS Line as one-cable technology for the BiSS interface with new features for today’s industrial demands.
To reduce cable costs and gain space in compact systems, power and data are either both transmitted over one shared differential pair of wires (2-Wire) or separate power and data lines using the RS485 standard (4-Wire). Data availability is increased significantly by Forward Error Correction – even in rough environments with interfering fields and on long transmission lines.

The bridge component iC-BL offers master interfaces for BiSS/SSI/SPI/I2C and an SPI slave interface to implement BiSS Line into any master/slave device and platform. Its internal switching and linear regulators generate a stabilized supply voltage (5 V, 3.3 V, 2.5 V) for connected sensors.

Join iC-Haus’ upcoming webinar to explore iC-BL’s versatile field of applications and opportunities to improve data transmission in motion control applications.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn about smart BiSS Line features designed for motor feedback, robotics, and robust controller links.
• Get to know the bridge component iC-BL, which eases BiSS Line implementations into any device and platform.
• Watch a live demo of BiSS Line using iC-BL evaluation components.

Watch iC-Haus’ webinar to explore new opportunities for your next designs.

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