Trade Show

LASER World of PHOTONICS 28.11.2021
Munich, April 26–29, 2022
Booth B5-325

Smart Submount

iC-Haus presents its new assembly platform with integrated drivers for laser diodes and VCSEL arrays.

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iC-HS Series – Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Driver

The new iC-HS Series enables the generation of ultra-short laser pulses reduced to a gain-switching spike of less than 100 ps with currents of up to either 200 mA (iC-HS02) or 500 mA (iC-HS05). more

iC-HN/HN3 – 1.4/2.8 A Miniature Driver iCs for Short-Pulse Lasers

The new iC-HN device family is suitable for fast control of laser diodes with short pulses of down to only two nanoseconds. more

iC-HTG – Power CW Laser Diode Driver

The CW laser diode driver iC-HTG provides Automatic Current (ACC) or Power (APC) Control functionality operating an external power transistor. more

Laser Measurement Toolkit

This comprehensive toolkit enables and simplifies the measurement of fast laser pulses and is supplemented by respective evaluation boards and modules. more

Laser World of Photonics 2022
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