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SPS – smart production solutions 08.10.2021

High-Resolution Optical Safety Encoder iCs

With the iC-RB Series, iC-Haus is enhancing its product line with refined optical twin-scan encoder ICs with outstanding absolute resolution of 24 bits in the control channel and 15 bits in the safety channel. more

Linear/Off-Axis Battery-Buffered Absolute Position Hall Sensor

The new iC-PVS is a universal Hall sensor IC for incremental or absolute position detection with a battery-buffered 56-bit position counter. more

BiSS Line Interface Master/Slave with RS485 Transceiver

With various interfaces, iC-BL eases the implementation of the BiSS Line protocol and enables a robust power and data transmission over two or four wires. Its forward error correction ensures proper communication even in environments disturbed by motor commutation noise. more

System-On-Chip Sin/Cos Interpolation iCs

The iC-TW29 is a system-on-chip core component designed for incremental and absolute position encoders. The integration of a high-resolution interpolator with error correction and a 26-bit electronic gearbox offers a complete solution for singleturn and multiturn encoders. more

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