Encoder Webinars October & November 2021 29.11.2021
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October 05 & November 09, 2021

High-Resolution Magnetic Absolute Position Encoders
Things to know about the iC-MU Series

The iC-MU Series is a well-known solution for magnetic absolute position sensing. High-resolution combined with the off-axis scanning principle makes it an unbeatable solution for encoder applications.
Regardless of whether for linear or rotary applications, the iC-MU Series is perfectly suited for robotic and motor feedback applications, as well as wherever a hollow shaft robust absolute position sensor is required.

This webinar will give you an introduction to the iC-MU Series’ working principle along with an overview of the features and applications of the various chips. We will show how easy it is to get a rotary demo setup running and also how the iC-MU performs in linear applications. The webinar will conclude with a few tips and tricks from the application support team.

Key Takeaways:
• Introduction of the iC-MU Series
• Live Demo: from mechanical setup to a standalone encoder solution
• Special functions
• Tips & tricks for troubleshooting

Watch iC-Haus’ webinar to explore new opportunities for your next designs.

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Encoder Chips for Safety Applications
Safe Drives through Optical Twin-Scan Encoder ICs

New generations of encoders not only require higher resolutions and smaller designs – they should also be suitable for safety applications. With its new iC-RZ and iC-RB Series encoder chips, iC-Haus introduces a smart solution for this challenge.

Both chip series consist of safe optical twin-scan encoder ICs featuring a redundant safety channel. Due to this innovative twin design, the single-chip system meets the high redundancy requirements of functional safety concepts up to SIL3 or PLe.

Key Takeaways:
• Get to know more about the iC-RZ Series and the new iC-RB Series
• Learn how to combine iC-RZ with the iC-MR3 interpolator for high-resolution safety encoders
• View a live demo of a safety encoder application

Watch iC-Haus’ webinar to explore new opportunities for your next designs.

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