Encoder Webinar March 2021 10.02.2021
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March 16 & 23, 2021

Battery Buffered Magnetic Absolute Encoders
from Gear Wheels or Incremental Scales

To build magnetic absolute hollow shaft or linear encoders with ferrous gear wheels or incremental magnetic scales, a period counter with battery buffering represents an interesting solution approach. iC-Haus now offers an integrated sensor that makes it easy to create these types of systems. The new iC-PVS combines a 56-bit low-power period counter with a highly configurable Hall array front-end that can be adapted to various magnetic pole pitches or gear tooth modules.

BiSS, SPI, Incremental, and Sin/Cos (Analog) interfaces allow operating iC-PVS as a stand-alone encoder or in combination with a downstream interpolator like iC-TW29. That way, high-resolution magnetic absolute angle sensors featuring sophisticated position error correction can be built, pushing your encoder devices to the highest performance levels.

Key Takeaways:
• Get to know the new iC-PVS and learn how to set it up for different magnetic absolute encoder applications
• Learn how to combine iC-PVS with iC-TW29 to form high-resolution absolute encoders
• View live demonstrations: stand-alone iC-PVS and performance system with iC-TW29

Watch iC-Haus’ webinar to explore new opportunities for your next designs.

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Reflective Absolute Encoders for Precise Linear
and Hollow Shaft Position Measurements

High-resolution encoder systems traditionally require precise mechanical alignment – a legacy statement, entirely disproved by iC-Haus’ latest optical reflective encoder chips. The iC-PZ Series operates reliably within outstanding assembly tolerances, thanks to its lensless optical reflective sensor design and smart on-chip signal conditioning. Due to the integrated blue LED and interpolator, a single-chip high-resolution absolute linear or rotary encoder solution is provided.

Configurable BiSS/SSI, ABZ, UVW, SPI, and analog Sin/Cos outputs can be used simultaneously in combination to ensure easy system integration. FlexCount® and FlexCode® allow freely selectable ABZ resolution as well as arbitrary code disc diameter for almost any encoder size.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn how to set up and calibrate the iC-PZ Series
• Get to know the advantages of FlexCode® and FlexCount® for your encoder system
• Watch a live demo of linear and hollow shaft applications with iC-PZ205

Watch iC-Haus’ webinar to explore new opportunities for your next integrated absolute encoder design with the iC-PZ Series.

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