Laser Drivers Webinar May 2021 09.02.2021
Webinar Series
May 18, 2021

Taking Time of Flight (ToF) Measuring to a New Level
with Ultra Short Laser Pulses

With the new generation of laser drivers from iC-Haus, you can control laser diodes with short pulses ranging from 100 ps (1 ps = 10-12 s) up to 5 ns with a resolution of 1 ps. This is possible due to the intelligent chip design with an integrated pulse generator. That way, the so-called gain-switching effect is used technically.

In this webinar, Uwe Malzahn will present the innovative technology and will give a live demonstration of laboratory applications with a practical orientation.
One of the core applications is the high precision time-of-flight (ToF) measurement with high pulse power and low average output. This also makes the new laser driver chips attractive for various diagnostic applications in medical technology, for example elastography, a new optoacoustic diagnostic method for tissue-conserving early breast cancer detection that combines ultrasound and optical imaging.

Key Takeaways:
• What is gain switching and how is it used in laser diode drivers?
• Understanding the fundamentals of laser driver design for ultra-short pulses
• Discover which evaluation kit can serve you best building your own short-pulse laser application

Watch iC-Haus’ webinar to explore new opportunities for your next designs.

Expert Speaker: Laser IC Products, Optical Sensor ICs

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