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Highlights 2020 electronica 09.11.2020
Products showcased by video: iC-PZ Series, iC-HN Series, iC-LFH Series, iC-TW29

High-Resolution Reflective Absolute Encoders

Discover the new iC-PZ Series of iC-Haus with its high-resolution, reflective, absolute encoder sensors suitable for arbitrary diameters and resolutions.

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iC-HN/HN3 Miniature Driver iCs
for Short-Pulse Lasers

The innovative iC-HN device family is suitable for fast control of laser diodes with short pulses of down to two nanoseconds.

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System-On-Chip Sin/Cos Interpolation iCs

The iC-TW29 is a system-on-chip core component designed for incremental and absolute position encoders. The integration of a high-resolution interpolator with error correction and a 26-bit electronic gearbox offers a complete solution for singleturn and multiturn encoders.

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High-Resolution CMOS Line Sensors

The iC-LFH Series CMOS linear image sensors provide high resolution (2000 DPI) with high sensivity in small, sealed oBGA packages.

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions Highlights 2020

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Watch the Highlight Videos here

iC-PZ Series - Setting up a Reflective Absolute Encoder System

iC-HN Series – Small ns-Pulse Laser Drivers

iC-TW29 - A Flexible Interpolation IC with Automatic Angle Error Correction

iC-LFH Series - High-Resolution CMOS Line Image Sensors
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