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Highlights 2020 SPS - Smart Production Solutions 24.11.2020
Presented by video: iC-RB Series, iC-BL BiSS Line, iC-TW29 and forum presentations

High Resolution Optical Safety Encoder iCs

iC-Haus is expanding its portfolio of optical encoder ASSPs for safety-oriented applications. The new iC-RB Series is an advanced dual-channel encoder iC offering a 24-bit control position, plus an independently generated 15-bit safety position.

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iC-BL BiSS Line Interface Master and Slave

BiSS Line enables a robust power and data transmission over two or four wires. Its Forward Error Correction (FEC) ensures proper communication even in rough environments by recovering data that has been corrupted by disturbances such as motor commutation noise.

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High-Resolution Reflective Absolute Encoders

Discover the innovative iC-PZ Series of iC-Haus with its high-resolution, reflective, absolute encoder sensors suitable for arbitrary diameters and resolutions.

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System-On-Chip Sin/Cos Interpolation iCs

The iC-TW29 is a system-on-chip core component designed for incremental and absolute position encoders. The integration of a high-resolution interpolator with error correction and a 26-bit electronic gearbox offers a complete solution for singleturn and multiturn encoders.

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Tech Talk Videos

Tech Talk - iC-PZ Series - Smart Position Sensing in Automation and Robotics

Tech Talk - iC-MCB & iC-BL – Condition Monitoring with Encoders using BiSS

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iC-RB Series - High Resolution Optical Safety Encoder

iC-BL - Bridge Component for Robust One-Cable Technology BiSS Line

iC-PZ Series - Setting up a Reflective Absolute Encoder System

iC-HN Series – Small ns-Pulse Laser Drivers

iC-TW29 - A Flexible Interpolation IC with Automatic Angle Error Correction

iC-LFH Series - High-Resolution CMOS Line Image Sensors
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