iC-MHL100: Programmable 12-bit Magnetic Position Encoder 31.01.2019
12-Bit Linear / Rotary Position Hall Encoder
High-Resolution Single-Chip Solution for Linear and Rotary Magnetic Encoder Applications
iC-Haus expands its product family in the field of integrated system solutions for linear and rotary incremental encoders with its latest device, iC-MHL100. The sensor layout of this programmable encoder is designed for magnetic pole pitches of 1 mm, providing sensor resolutions of less than 0.5 µm. This new, universal device is compatible with the approved iC-MHL200 device, which operates with pole pitches of 2 mm. iC-MHL100 enables users to double the resolution without any changes to the evaluation electronics or the electrical layout.
iC-MHL100 is suitable for all types of robust incremental linear or angular encoders. Only a magnetic scale or magnet wheel is additionally required. The iC-MHL100 device, integrated into a TSSOP20 package, contains a linear Hall sensor array that is adapted to targets with a magnetic pole width of 1 mm. The encoder IC is also available in QFN32 5 x 5 packages for applications where space is a critical factor. The internal signal gain control automatically compensates for changes in both temperature and operating distance. Incremental (ABZ, 12 bits) and commutation (UVW) signals are provided via integrated RS422 line drivers.

Programmable Resolution and Signals
An external reference signal can be linked to the internal index signal to provide an absolute index pulse. The linear resolution can be programmed up to 4096 steps per 2 mm magnetic signal period. This corresponds to a minimum sensor resolution of less than 0.5 µm. With a maximum 8 MHz AB output edge rate, the iC-MHL100 operates at linear velocities of up to 4 m/s at full 12-bit resolution. The UVW signals are suitable for commutation of rotary and linear motors. For example, for rotary applications, the magnet wheel requires the same number of poles pairs as the motor does.
Both the ABZ and UVW outputs are designed as configurable RS422 line driver stages for attaining optimum adjustment for different line lengths and transmission rates.

High-Resolution Encoder Chip for Practical Use
iC-MHL100 is typically used in industrial, automotive, and medical applications:

- Position control/position detection
- Speed control
- Motor commutation
- Fast motor control
- Detection and measurement of rotation angle
- Replacement of incremental optical encoders

For data transmission, a bidirectional or synchronous serial interface (SSI/BiSS C) is available. Resolution, hysteresis, minimum transition distance, zero position of both the ABZ and UVW signals, and the direction of rotation can all be conveniently configured via BiSS C and be permanently stored in an OTP-ROM. The iC-MHL100 device operates from a single +5V supply (±10%) over an operating temperature range of -40 to +125 °C.

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