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Sensor & Test digital 04.05.2021
May 04-06, 2021

Battery-Buffered Absolute Position Hall Sensor

The new iC-PVS is a high-performance Hall sensor used for absolute position sensing. BiSS, SPI, incremental as well as Sin/Cos (analog) interfaces allow operating iC-PVS either as a stand-alone encoder or in combination with a downstream interpolator such as iC-TW29.

Watch the webinar about iC-PVS (

iC-TW29 - A Flexible Interpolation IC with Automatic Angle Error Correction

The iC-TW29 is a system-on-chip core component designed for incremental and absolute position encoders. The integration of a high-resolution interpolator with error correction and a 26-bit electronic gearbox offers a complete solution for singleturn and multiturn encoders.
Watch the video demonstration about iC-TW29

AEC Q100: Qualified Magnetic Encoder ICs

The iC-MU200 and iC-MHL200 magnetic encoder ICs from iC-Haus are now qualified according to AEC Q100 (Grade 1) - for use in automotive applications in the temperature range from –40 to +125 °C.

Read more about iC-MU200 and iC-MHL200

iC-PZ Series - Smart Position Sensing in Automation and Robotics

Discover the innovative iC-PZ Series of iC-Haus, an excellent choice for integrated absolute encoder solutions in automation and robotics.

Watch the video demonstration about iC-PZ Series

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