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SENSOR+TEST 2019 25.06.2019
Nuremberg, June 25-27, 2019, hall 1, booth 532

iC-MHL 100 – Programmable 12-bit Magnetic Position Encoder

The sensor layout of the MHL100 is designed for magnetic pole pitch of 1 mm, providing sensor resolution of less than 0.5 μm. iC-MHL100 is fully compatible with the proven iC-MHL200 device and also available in a space saving QFN32 5mm x 5mm package.

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iC-MU Series

With the iC-MU150 and iC-MU200, iC-Haus now offers its successful off-axis absolute solution for larger diameters. The iC-MU Series features up to 20 bit absolute information with achievable accuracies of less than 0.1°.

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Optical Linear Sensors

Optical linear image sensors provide high resolution (2000 DPI) with high sensitivity in small, sealed oBGA packages.

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Sin/Cos Interpolation iCs – Automatic Position Error Correction by SOC Encoder Processor

The new iC-TW29 signal processor evaluates XMR angle sensors and optical encoders. Equipped with automatic signal error and eccentricity corrections, highest angle resolutions are achieved with outstanding accuracy. Integrated interfaces and I/O ports provide versatility for any kind of position sensing application. …read more about iC-TW29

High-Resolution Optical Reflective Encoder

iC-Haus will present a compact reference design of the iC-PR sensor and the iC-TW29 interpolator chip. This 2-chip reflective optical incremental encoder solution will help designers to provide high resolution, flexibility, and outstanding performance.

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BiSS Association e.V.

The user society for open source BiSS Interface applications presents BiSS Line as the world’s only bus-compatible One Cable Technology with Forward Error Correction.

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