Reflective Encoder iCs 22.05.2017
Whitepaper EncoderBlue goes reflective

With the continuously increasing adoption of auto-mated machinery in various applications, positioning devices are becoming an essential part of many systems. For precise motor control, encoders are becoming the most popular solution.

An encoder can operate on different principles, such as: optical, magnetic, mechanical, etc., providing incremental or absolute position data. An encoder may also provide multi-turn information when needed and all these possibilities result in a flexible product, offered in different sizes and suitable for all kinds of environments. Owing to this highly flexible nature of an encoder, together with the increasing use of automated machines, more and more applications are beginning to take advantage of position encoders.

In order to better suit different applications and their specific requirements, new encoder technologies are constantly being developed and implemented. The reflective optical encoder with blue light is one example of such a new technology, and is being released by iC-Haus as the iC-PR and iC-PX Series integrated circuits.

This article details the features and advantages of this new approach.

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iC-Haus Reflective Encoder iCs Whitepaper (PDF) (678 kb)
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