EncoderBlue® goes reflective 10.11.2015
Lensless Reflective Opto-Encoders

Features and Specifications

Specifically designed for flat encoders, with multiple diameters and line counts, iC-PR reflective encoders feature dual analog/digital output options, selectable interpolation factors, and high resolution. The new iC-PR encoder chips combine optimized reflective scanning with a blue LED and output signal conditioning in one flat 4 x 4 mm² optoQFN package, generating low-jitter encoder quadrature signals with index and analog sine/cosine signals directly. Index gating options and interpolation factor are easily selectable via pin programming. Output frequencies up to 1.6 MHz enable motor speed control of 20,000 rpm. The small scanning area and blue LED reduce power consumption of the reflective encoder module.
iC-PR devices control LED current to compensate for aging and temperature effects; lensless operation simplifies SMD mounting and increases the operating temperature range to –40 to 100°C. iC-PR devices are ideal for industrial applications like stepper motors, electrical actuators and drives, and miniaturized motion control systems in general. Compact iC-PR encoders also provide a robust solution in commercial applications.

Evaluation Boards

iC-Haus provides evaluation boards and matched reflective code discs for easy evaluation in your application.
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