Dual CW Laser Diode Driver: iC-HTP 15.06.2015
Optimized for P-type laser diodes or dual common cathode
Laser Diode Driver iC-HTP


The new laser diode driver iC-HTP permits microcontroller-based driving of laser diodes with common cathodes or P-type laser diodes in CW mode (Continuous Wave). With this device either Automatic Power Control (APC), Automatic Current Control (ACC), or a full controller-based power regulation can be used.

iC-HTP provides aconfigurable high-precision logarithmic resistor for laser diode power or current control over a wide operating range. The driver covers a wide dynamic power range and is flexible to be used with typical CW laser diodes, including blue and green laser diodes.

For safe operation iC-HTP provides safety-relevant system and per channel laser diode power-off events. The permissible laser diode operating current is configurable per channel. The system checks for overcurrents, overvoltages, overtemperature, the timer watchdog and the power status of VB and VDD.


iC-HTP uses supply voltages of 2.8 to 11 V and can thereby drive both blue and green laser diodes.
Operating temperatures range from -40 to +85 °C. The device is packaged in a 28-pin 5 mm x 5 mm QFN.
The IC requires only very few external components: a low cost microcontroller and the laser diode(s).
The driver is completely controllable and monitorable with a microcontroller via SPI or I2C.

Evaluation boards

The design-in process is supported by ready-to-operate demo boards and software for evaluation with a PC.
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