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iC-GE/GE100 03.12.2012
PWM driver halves power dissipation of solenoids
PWM solenoid drivers iC-GE and iC-GE100 enable the optimum energizing of magnetic solenoids in valves, relays, and other actuators, thus saving power. The solenoids are driven by a regulated current of between 100 mA and 1 A (iC-GE100: 10 to 100 mA). Active power control permits the devices to be used in a wide supply voltage range of between 10 and 36 V.

With this type of inductive load a higher energizing current is usually required than the ensuing hold current. The energizing current is thus regulated down to a (lower) hold setting after approximately 50 ms. By reducing this to two thirds of the energizing current, for instance, the power dissipation in the solenoid is cut by over 50%.

Both the energizing and hold currents can be individually set using their respective external resistors. In iC-GE the delay between energize and hold can be prolonged across a wide range by an external capacitor.

The PWM drive uses an internal 80-kHz oscillator as a time base and is thus beyond audible range.

These devices also include diagnostic functions which can flash any solenoid defects, fractured wires, and/or overtemperature in the iC to the LED output (typically 2.4 Hz).

A synchronization input also permits relays to be switched in zero load current so that contacts are preserved.
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