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iC-HD2 / iC-HD7 / iC-HE 26.11.2012
24V line drivers with impedance adaption for encoder applications
The devices iC-HD2, iC-HD7 and iC-HE are line drivers for 5 V and 24 V encoder applications. The output drivers are designed for cable impedances in the range of 30 to 140 Ohms. Due to the integrated wave impedance adaption, reflected signals coming from the non-terminated line end at the receiver will be absorbed and not back reflected again, thus maintaining signal integrity. For differential signal transmission, the four output stages (iC-HE: three output stages) are designed as complementary drivers.

The push-pull output stages are current limited and short circuit proof with thermal shutdown. They can drive typically 200 mA at 24 V supply. For bus applications, the outputs of the iC-HD2 and iC-HD7 can be switched to high impedance state using the NEN input.

The iC-HE contains a current source to supply a common LED encoder illumination. Its output current can be set by an external resistor to be in the range of 1 to 50 mA. The iC-HD2 is equipped with a 5 V reference voltage, supporting up to 5 mA output current.

All devices are featuring an undervoltage / overtemperature monitor, shutting the outputs to high impedance in case of such an event. With iC-HD2, in addition, the open drain error output NERR will be activated.

All inputs are CMOS and TTL compatible and ESD protected. The operating temperature range is from -25 °C (-40 °C optionally) up to 125 °C.

The devices iC-HD7 and iC-HE are available in SO16 resp. SO14 package.
The iC-HD2 is available in a TSSOP20 package, optionally with Thermal Pad.
As a special version of iC-HD2 with Thermal Pad, increased shutdown temperature, and high voltage inputs, the iC-HDH2 is recommended.
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