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iC-HG: 3 A Laser/LED Switch 27.09.2011
Switch laser diodes spike free with up to 3 A/ns
The extremely fast and spike-free laser/LED switch iC-HG has six independent channels with 0.5 A apiece which can be freely combined as required. One single, integrated device in a QFN package just 5 mm wide can thus drive up to six laser diodes or LEDs, or can supply 3x 1 A if switched in parallel and in pairs for RGB applications. All six channels are paralleled for a maximum current of up to 3 A. Current settings are selected for each channel using individual control voltage inputs.

With a permissible laser diode supply voltage of up to 12 V, iC-HG is also suitable for use with blue laser diodes.
In both drive modes (TTL and LVDS) rise and fall times can be reduced to cut down EMI. Errors “Configuration input not connected”, “Undervoltage”, and “Overtemperature” are signalled at an error message output. The switching outputs are also shut down with overtemperature.

iC-Haus has registered its integrated laser and LED drivers, together with suitable laser diodes, LEDs, and modules, as part of the CHIPS4LIGHT campaign (
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