Winner of the AMA Innovation Award 2012 22.05.2012
with a highly integrated Hall sensor ASIC for energy autonomous absolute encoders.
AMA Homepage Innovation Award 2012 (English)AMA Homepage Innovationspreis 2012 (German) The winner of the AMA Innovation Award 2012 was announced on Tuesday 22 May 2012 during the opening ceremonies of the SENSOR+TEST trade show in Nuremberg.

The 10,000-euro award went to the "Highly integrated Hall sensor ASIC for energy-autonomous absolute encoders", a joint development by Dr. Steffen Klupsch, Ralf Burkard, and Dr. Heiner Flocke (iC-Haus GmbH) as well as Dr. Thomas Theil (Mehnert & Theil Erfindergemeinschaft, Feldafing)
Abstract Development goal is a highly integrated energy autonomous magnetic absolute encoder. These encoders can replace established gear or battery buffered solutions.

The new Hall sensor ASIC uses a Wiegand wire to generate the electrical energy for acquiring, processing and storing the absolute position on any number of periods of the magnetic field. This energy harvesting capacity is supplemented with a single-turn sensor module for high resolutions and a special placement and electrical processing of the enclosed Hall sensors.

Additionally a temperature module is integrated to allow the precise calculation of gas volume in flow meters.

The ASIC has an operating temperature range up to 125 °C and is suitable for measuring at high speed.
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