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iC-NZN/NZP: All-purpose laser diode driver 25.05.2011
Driving laser diodes from CW to 155 MHz with power or current control
The all-purpose laser diode drivers iC-NZN and iC-NZP operate laser diodes in both CW and spike-free pulse mode with up to 155 MHz. The devices allow either the optical output power (APC) or laser diode current (ACC) to be controlled. In ACC mode also laser diodes without monitor diodes can be used. Blue laser diodes can also be operated with iC-NZN. The maximum available laser diode current is 300 mA. The devices have an adjustable current limit.

When the current limit is reached, this is signaled at an error message output which also indicates undervoltage and overtemperature. There is a safety shutdown function for the output stage in the event of overtemperature.
The device can be driven by either LVDS or TTL pulse signals.
iC-NZN and iC-NZP have a standby mode with a low current consumption of < 50 µA.

Product iC-NZN
Product iC-NZP
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