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iC-MHA: Magnetic Hall-Encoder with SIN/COS-Outputs 12.05.2010
One-Chip-Hall-Encoder with differential 100Ω line drivers for SIN/COS
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The iC-MHA is a one-chip-solution for magnetic sensor applications with very small space requirements. In combination with a diametric magnetized permanent magnet this represents a robust absolute encoder for SIN/COS-applications.
The tiny 5mm x 5mm QFN28 package contains the integrated Hall sensor bridge with signal amplifier and gain control, as well as integrated differential analog line drivers for 100Ω terminated lines.

The typical application areas of the iC-MHA can be found in control and automation applications, such as:
  • Robust digital motor control up to 20.000 RPM
  • Contactless position control and sensing
  • Absolute magnetic encoder
  • Absolute rotating angle measurement
  • Replacement of resolver or optical encoder
The integrated amplitude control allows a working distance and temperature largely independent 1Vpp constant output voltage at the line driver outputs for sine and co-sine signals. The differential analog transmission of the corresponding sine and co-sine values of a rotation angle allows for easy monitoring of line connections for short circuit and line break at the receiver side.
It supports the realization of systems with functional safety requirements of the position or angle sensing, as the summation of the two differentially transmitted sine or cosine signals must always be zero result. Several interpolators with different resolutions for the absolute or incremental evaluation are available for the receiver side.

The iC-MHA monitors the strength of the magnetic field and an error signal at the NERR output indicates that it is outside the signal amplitude control range.
The analog line driver output stages are designed to drive terminated 100Ω lines.
The iC-MHA operates with a single +5V (±10%) supply voltage in an ambient temperature range of -40 to +125°C.
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