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iC-HX: Sixfold 24 V Line Driver with Energy Recycling 21.02.2008
Reduced Power Consumption allows higher Packing Density
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The line driver iC-HX is pin compatible to the iC-DL, but has an additional operating mode to reuse electrical energy stored on the output lines. Depending on cable length and impedance, this mode reduces the power dissipation down to 50% and allows the designer to increase packaging density on the PCB board.

With output resistance in the range of 30 to 140 Ohm, the iC-HX is adapted to usual cable impedance and permits trouble-free transmission of signals without ringing effects.

Drivers can be paired for 3-channel differential operation. The push-pull output stages can cope with a high driver power of typically 300 mA from 24 V; they are also current-limited and short-circuit-proof, shutting down with excessive temperature.
For bus applications the output stages can be switched to high impedance using input ENA.

iC-HX monitors supply voltages VB and VCC and also the chip temperature, switching all output stages to high impedance in the event of error. The open-drain output NERR, which is also short-circuit-proof, signals errors via the connected line and can be linked up to the message outputs of other ICs via input TNER to generate system error messages.

All inputs are CMOS and TTL compatible and protected against ESD.

Just 5 x 5 mm² in size, the QFN28 package with its integrated thermal pad enables iC-HX to be operated in a wide temperature range of -40 to 125 °C.

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