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The World of Mini Encoder iCs

Optical reflective-absolute encoder iCs from iC-Haus are constantly conquering new application fields beyond classic rotary encoders. These range from simple rotary-coded switches to speed controlled micromotors in dentist drills at up to 180,000 rpm and lidar applications. In addition, further miniaturization was made possible, e.g., in controlled small and micro drives.
With the “World of Mini Encoder iCs” product line, iC-Haus aspires to help users and developers to find the optimal encoder iC for their application.

Evolution opens up new niches

In the beginning there was iC-PR. Blue, reflective and lensless: This is how iC-Haus presented a small revolution in optical-reflective encoders at SPS IPC Drives in 2015. In 2017, the company received the Innovation Award of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate for EncoderBlue®. The novel high-resolution reflective encoder iCs for incremental and absolute encoders in closed-loop motors are characterized by a particularly flat design (e.g., 2.95 mm incl. PCB and code disk) and large mechanical tolerances compared to conventional transmitted-light encoders. As a result, assembly and adjustment have been significantly simplified. This was made possible by the use of a blue light LED and evaluation unit integrated in the encoder chip.
The iC-PZ, the high-end encoder iC of the new product line, is a further development with the unique FlexCount® and FlexCode® on-chip functions, which means that resolutions and code disc diameters are largely freely selectable. This makes the new encoder iCs even more flexible to use for optical scanning of measuring standards in rotary and linear position measuring systems.

Finding the right encoder IC for the application

The “World of Mini Encoder iCs” from iC-Haus supports code discs with a diameter of 4 mm to 16 mm, whereby the distance between disc and sensor can be up to 3 mm. Interpolation with on-chip signal conditioning and compensations allow large tolerances (tangential ±0.5 mm, radial ±0.4 mm and tilt ±2°).

Overview of resolutions and application of iC-PG, iC-PX / iC-PR and iC-PZ. The following table gives an overview of the available typical resolutions and possible areas of application. The iC-PG specifically addresses rotary switches or similar applications in the consumer sector:

Ø Code Disk8 mm≥ 4 mm9 mm
Resolution30 absolute positions per revolution≥ 1024 CPR20 bit absolute
OutputGray Code ParallelABZ / Analog Sin CosAnalog / UVW / ABZ / BiSS / SSI / SPI
Application ExamplesRotary coded rotary switches,
from medical devices to household
appliances to electric guitars…
Incremental encoders Miniature drives
Linear axes
Absolute encoders
Robot drives
Servo drives
Linear drives
Lidar drones
PackageoDFN8 3×3oDFN8 3×3
oQFN24 4×4
oQFN32 5×5