MINT-Center Groß-Gerau visits iC-Haus in the Course of a Project Week - iC-Haus GmbH

Groß-Gerau visits

In the course of a project week in October, students of the BSGG vocational school have gained an insight into microelectronics with the opportunity to learn more about hardware-related programming in a hands-on Arduino project at iC-Haus in Bodenheim.

In October, the BSGG vocational schools organized a project week for their 12th and 13th grade students to concentrate on electronics and microcontroller programming to control a drone and implement a project with an Arduino. With this popular open-source microcontroller board and the respective software, they have gained their first practical experience in hardware-related programming. Following last year’s successful collaboration, the schools are were again cooperating with microchip manufacturer iC-Haus as industry partner.

How are sensors connected to a microcontroller board and how does the microcontroller process the data? What is the best approach to programming? Application experts from iC-Haus were happy to contribute their know how to the planning of the Arduino project.

Of course, a factory walk-through was also on the agenda: on October 12, the students had a close-up look at the development and production of ICs (Integrated Circuits) in Bodenheim. How exactly do thousands of circuit blocks and functions get onto the tiny chips? At iC-Haus, the students have experienced this in a very practical way.

MINT Center and iC-Haus to Intensify their Cooperation

Mutual talks and visits regarding the cooperation between iC-Haus and the MINT Center Groß-Gerau at the BSGG already have taken place as early as December 2021. Thus, the school’s principal Martin Gonnermann together with two teachers got to know an exciting high-tech company, and Bastian Stockburger from iC-Haus visited the school’s electrical engineering labs along with colleagues this March to get an idea of the school’s technical possibilities and how iC-Haus can be on hand with help and advice.

Bastian Stockburger, Application Support Specialist at iC-Haus, explains: “The cooperation with the MINT Center Groß-Gerau gives us the opportunity to address tomorrow’s technicians and provide them orientation for their choice of career and studies. During the Arduino project that we would like to realize with the students this year, they will learn a lot about microcontroller programming and electronics in general. We are looking forward to it! In the future, we would like to intensify our partnership with the MINT Center Groß-Gerau, which has been in place since last year, and we are planning further projects together.”