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iC-PNE Series

Next Generation Optical Phased Arrays for Improved Servo Feedback

Industrial drive controls require fast and precise feedback of the servo motor rotor angle to achieve best possible load balancing. This is where high-resolution optical encoders come in. By scanning multiple Vernier tracks, angle resolution can be pushed into outstanding ranges. Latest EncoderBlue devices also benefit from near-UV LED illumination, which improves signal clarity for optimal interpolation performance. The next-generation sensors now available generate high-quality analog sin/cos signals with 2,048 cycles per revolution for latency-free feedback and rigid torque control. Thanks to the sector detectors of the new iC-PNE, Vernier calculation efforts are reduced, making it easier to build such high-end encoder systems.


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Key Takeaways

  • Understand the differences between Vernier scales and other position encoding principles
  • Learn about the latest optical phased arrays for precision absolute encoders
  • See a live demonstration of the new iC-PNE system