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iC-HS: Laser Drivers for Ultra-Short Laser Pulses

Precise TOF distance measuring, short-range LiDAR sensing, 3D scanners, or laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy: these are the key applications of the iC-HS driver series, the new product innovation from iC-Haus. These fast laser diode drivers support ultra-short pulses from 100 ps to 5 ns, configurable in 1 ps steps. Their particularly easy scalability makes them beneficial for a very wide range of applications. Functional interfaces and automatic on-chip compensation simplify and accelerate the development of highly integrated laser solutions.

How can integrated laser drivers overcome the disadvantages of passive driver circuits and create the precondition for further miniaturization of TOF systems and related applications? With its new iC-HS laser driver series, iC-Haus leads the way. The pulse width is adjustable from 100 ps to 5 ns in 250 ps steps and a fine tuning with a resolution of 1 ps only. The laser drivers provide output currents of up to either 200 mA (iC-HS02) or 500 mA (iC-HS05). Temperature-stabilized on-chip pulse generation and intelligent on-chip compensation ensure stable and highly reliable control of laser diodes. The pulse current amplitude can be configured easily via a 10-bit D/A converter. For perfect synchronization with the sensor system, the device provides either an LVDS or TTL signal.

Smallest pulse widths and well-defined pulse shapes are crucial for precise time-of-flight or distance measuring. The fast pulse laser drivers from iC-Haus are suitable for a wide range of applications in the automotive, industrial, medical technology, and security sectors.

The laser drivers are available in two performance classes: the iC-HS05 (up to 200 mA) is integrated into a compact QFN16 chip package (3 x 3 mm), the iC-HS05 is integrated into a QFN24 package (up to 500 mA).
Freely available webinar on-demand on TOF applications for the laser drivers of the new iC-HS Series: Taking Time of Flight (ToF) Measuring to a New Level with Ultra Short Laser Pulses