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iC-Haus Encoder Tools

From Evaluation to Production: We support you with high-quality measurement and analysis as well as tailor-made automated encoder iC production tools.


ETS Servo

Encoder Test Station with Position Feedback

The new ETS Servo is based on a high-precision BLDC motor and features an integrated 22-bit reference encoder for measurements against BiSS, ABZ and Sin/Cos signals. XYZ manipulators allow quick positioning of the DUT relative to the motor shaft. Slip-on sleeves make it easy to change code wheels. The drive can be operated from the front panel or remotely via PC software. The ETS Servo is the ideal test station for any encoder development.


SinCosYzer 2

Encoder Signal Analysis

The SinCosYzer 2 has eight differential input channels that can sample up to 2 MS/s simultaneously. Analog signals are digitized with 16-bit resolution for precise measurements. The included analysis software provides encoder-specific dashboards and automated calculations of key parameters. The SinCosYzer 2 is a first-class measurement and analysis workstation designed for advanced development, qualification and production of iC-Haus encoder solutions.



Encoder Production Utility

ECW is a complete manufacturing software suite. The dashboard and database automatically adapt to iC-Haus encoder solutions. Chip configuration, sensor calibration and end-of-line testing are easily automated using the SinCosYzer 2 hardware interface. User-defined parameter limits ensure the highest quality production output. Database access provides full traceability. Customizable user management, visualization and statistics integrate into any operation and production process.


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