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Getting Started with iC-HS Series

Sub-ns Ultra Short Pulse Laser Driver

Our new hands-on video gets you started with the iC-HS Series: Just connect the evaluation-kit parts and generate nanosecond to sub-nanosecond ultra-short laser pulses from simple continuous wave laser diodes.
Pulse length and pulse height can be controlled, to the picosecond and better than half a milliamp, on-the-fly through a serial interface (SPI or I2C).

We have chosen the iC-HS05 as an example and go through the parts needed for its evaluation. Main topic is setting up the iC-HS05 on its iC-HS05 iCSY HS3M high speed module together with the HG2D host adapter. Signals to be provided to the HG2D/HS3M, and some requirements on your optical lab equipment to measure in the picoseconds are discussed. The electrically ready setup is then functionally tested using the HS_1SO graphical user interface.

Together with a simple continuous wave laser diode the optical setup is ready. For bootstrapping the iC-HS05 is configured for TTL trigger and a 4 ns long laser pulse shape.

We conclude with how simple it is to control the length and power of the laser pulse. First by isolating a 100 ps short Gain Switching Spike. Then by varying the Turn-on-Delay of the laser diode through combining changes to the current and the electrical pulse length.


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Key Takeaways

  • Setup of a iC-HS series evaluation kit is easy
  • HS_1SO GUI bootstraps iC-HS series chips quickly
  • Laser pulse tuning, even in the picoseconds, is simple