The BiSS Interface is an - Open Source - digital interface for bidirectional multi sensor and actuator systems.

Applications: Absolute position measurement, motor feedback and drive systems, safety relevant systems, multisensor systems

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iC-BL BiSS Line Interface Master/Slave with RS485 Transceiver - (new)  
iC-MB3 BiSS Interface Master, 1 channel/3 slaves, SPI/parallel host interface  
iC-MB4 BiSS Interface Master, 2 channel, 8 slaves, RS-422 transceiver, dual SPI  
iC-MCB SPI-to-BiSS Bridge with RS422 Transceiver  
iC-MCW BiSS Watchdog for RS422 with SPI  
BiSS Interface BiSS C, BiSS Safety, BiSS Line  
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